1. Rabindra Singh

    I am highly impressed by this blog. This gives a lot of information about Quartz with Spring. I have also visited following link i.e. giving similarly good information about Quartz framework and its integration with both JSP, Servlet and also with Spring Framework. The links are:
    Quartz integration with JSP,Servlet:

    Quartz integration with Spring:

  2. Marina

    Hello, thank you for a great post – it definitely filled in a hole in the Spring + Quartz documentation.
    i have tried using your approach to defining properties of triggers dynamically at run time. All works great, except for the reference to the “myServiceBean”. I tried to store a reference to my custom service bean the same way, but when I try to retrieve it later on in the Job – it is always NULL.
    Here is how I wired it into the quartz scheduler:

    And this is how I am trying to retrieve it in my Job class:
    public class EMailJob implements Job {
    public void execute(JobExecutionContext context)
    throws JobExecutionException {
    JobDataMap dataMap = context.getMergedJobDataMap();
    MailService mailService = (MailService)dataMap.get(“mailService”);
    if (mailService == null) {
    logger.error(“error scheduling job: mailService = NULL”);
    throw new JobExecutionException(“error executing job: mailService = NULL”);

    and it is always NULL…
    Any idea why this is happening?


  3. sandy

    Thank you for the post. I would like to know the pros of using spring integrated with quartz. Can you please figure out some cons also. I would be highly obliged for the reply.

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